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    Treat yourself with the beautiful brown of Madras. The semicircular print has created an amazing sequence on the rug. It will look wonderful when placed on your floor. An ideal choice to enhance the modernity of your lifestyle. Handtufted rugs are made with a tufting gun which punches yarn onto a canvas. This allows for a wide variety of patterns in a multitude of styles including those on machine made or knotted carpets.

    • No washing.
    • No bleaching.
    • No ironing.
    • Professional carpet cleaning.
    • Vacuum cleaning regularly.
    • Remove stains immediately with moist towel in hand warm water and non-aggressive detergent.
    • Loose threads are not a defect. Cut them using scissors.
    • Free shipping across India.
    • Colours reflected on the screen may not be exactly true to actual colours.
    • Items may be returned within 14 days of receiving the product.
    • Contact us at sales@ekosliving.in for any help regarding cancellation/return of items.
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      The Batik collection includes hand-tufted, hand-knotted and jacquard-woven rugs with a thick pile, which feel soft to touch and are flame resistant. The wool also naturally purifies the air by absorbing allergens and odour.


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